Matterport 3D Walkthrough Models

Matterport has taken the world by storm, introducing this cutting edge technology and redefining the meaning of "virtual tour".  Visual Vero brought this technology to Indian River County and has been an official service provider since 2015.

Matterport’s immersive 3D tours are proven to attract more online shoppers. Since 95% of all home shoppers begin their search online, Matterport models can help you present the home in ways that are interactive and visually engaging to capture the attention of these online buyers.


Studies have shown that the average listing with a 3D tour sold for up to 9% higher and closed up to 31% faster.

Since 2015

What exactly is a Matterport 3D tour?

Using state of the art technology, a complete 3D scan of the property is completed, re-creating the space in a virtual form that allows potential buyers to wander around the residence as if they were there.  


Users can walk from room to room, look around in any direction, see a complete floor plan and 3D model - all from the comfort of their home computer, smart phone or tablet.  Use a Samsung VR Headset or Google Cardboard for a virtual reality experience like no other!



Only Matterport 3D lets buyers move through a property as if they were really there, and offers a total sense of how a home fits together with the proprietary Dollhouse View.
  • 24 hour turn around time

  • More affordable than video services

  • Branded and unbranded versions

  • Complete floor plan services available

  • Photos (screen captures) from the tour can be used as interior images

  • Exterior photography is also included


Integration with our other services!

The 3D tour can be incorporated into our interactive tour service - giving you magazine quality photos, a slideshow, 3D Walkthrough, listing details, map location, plus your contact info & photo in one amazing marketing package!  Click Here To View A Completed Interactive Tour With A 3D Walkthrough.

Attention Homeowners!
The Matterport 3D model also offers a way to completely document your home and its contents!
With this service, you can:
  • Document your assets for insurance purposes

  • Prepare for hurricane season

  • Take measurements of anything within the home

  • Take still pictures from any angle

  • Share with clients, collaborators, agents, insurance companies, and appraisers


The model is safely hosted online and is private, visible to only those you share the link with!

Recent 3D Tours

Features of the Matterport 3D Tour


View Inside

Allows users to virtually walk through any space with mouse clicks, or taps and swipes on a phone or tablet touch screen.  Provide buyers with a 24/7 Open House with this interactive, self-guided tour.


Dollhouse View

View the home in its entirety at various angles, as if it were a dollhouse.  Click on any part of the home to zoom back into the first person view.


Floor Plan View

A realistic floor plan, showing the layout and furnishings in a two-dimensional view.

Professional floor plans can be created from this model, providing clean lines and room dimensions.


360° Outdoor Views

Show off the property's exterior and the surrounding areas as part of the 3D tour, providing users with the most complete property experience currently available.


Mattertag Posts

With these pop-up notes, you can now provide information about features in your tour by anchoring text descriptions to specific physical locations.  Bring attention to the views or the "feel" of a room. Highlight features (upgrades, appliances, flooring, custom built-ins) that may otherwise be missed.


Virtual Reality Integration

Using a VR headset, give your clients a truly immersive experience.  Virtual reality puts realistic home tours into their hands, enabling home-seekers to quickly tour dozens of properties without leaving your office.